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The working method

You have bought a new house or you want to restyle your existing house.
There are some things that need special attention. A good preparation is
always important. We can offer you a logical step by step approach to the work.
At an initial consult, we can brainstorm about new ideas and changes to your space as needed.
Perhaps you already have a long standing wish or vision about the interior, furnishings
and what kind of atmosphere you would like to create. You might like to make some
changes to the lighting, in that case we can offer advice regarding the entire space.
We work with a professional team together to realize your wishes.
For example ,if you need a dining area, we can focus on improving
the atmosphere of dining together. Imagine the addition of
built- in lighting or thermal plates. For creating an effective work area,
furnishing network services or a built in monitor might be in order.
All things considered we can supply a 3 dimensional design drawing
which can give an indication of how the proposed furnishings will coexist in your space.
The ceramic furniture is made of a specific type of french clay, which when
fired has a brilliant salmon colour. Every ceramic object is handmade to your
wishes and therefore unique in every way. We work principly with natural materials,
clay, wood, textiles and leather including, calf and buffalo hide.

The entire design is prepared to actual scale in the form of stencils or models.
After this, lengths of clay are cut out using the stencils as guides.
These cut outs are kept in a drying cabinet and turned from time to time. In the
studio a constant temperature and humidity are maintained. A typical dinner
table for 6 persons consists of 150 handmade ceramic parts. The total drying
time can last for several weeks depending upon the thickness and mass of the
parts. Firing takes place in an industrial kiln to a temp. of 900 degrees centigrade.
The process of firing and cooling occurs slowly over a period of several days.
With Glazing, a second firing is done, this time to 1200 degrees, carefully,
to insure colour and consistency. The ceramic plates are then attached to
plywood with a special adhesive. A ceramic tabletop is fastened to a welded
metal frame which is fitted within the ceramic table legs. Within is a strong
and stable wooden and metal structure ,and seen without, the furniture is entirely of
ceramic. The objects are often built to order with dimensions and thickness to
accommodate any installation of electric, network cable connections , etc.
It is always possible for a viewing at any point in the process from the
design stage to the point when we transport your interior or furnishings and
finally install them for you.